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The Ace of Case
With the Handyman Flight Case, you can feel safe when your things go bump in the flight.

Righteous in design and eminently rugged in construction, this protective case is not only a traveling sanctuary for your valuables; it’s nothing short of an Objet D’arte. And it’s not too hard on the old peepers, either. Simply put, there’s no better way to protect your valuable frangibles. (Or is that frangible valuables? (Not so “simply put” after all)). Whatever your precious object might be, if it’s fragile and you want it to safely accompany you on a trip, you could definitely benefit from the protection a flight case offers.

So watch the video, and see how you (yes, you!) can build a Grade AAA+ flight case in ten easy steps for a small fraction of the cost of you’d pay for one online or in a store. Be sure to download the free plans, complete with dimensions, a material list and a cut schedule. And when you get done with your flight case, send us a pic of your finished project.

And remember, the first rule of Flight Case Club is that you do talk about Flight Case Club. In fact, share this video with anyone. What can we say? We’re big tent people here at Handyman.

Flight Case

Catch-All Shelf

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